36 Years of Innovating, Growing and Serving

Commercial Janitorial and Sweeping Company Proudly Serving the Mid South

At Horizon of Memphis Inc. in Brunswick, TN, we started out as an idea 36 years ago by Jack Price, a top salesperson and manager of the world’s largest janitorial company at the time. But being the world’s biggest was not actually providing the right service for the local needs of each individual business community.

He realized that local, large companies dedicated to their specific region could better serve and provide for the ever-changing needs of their customers. This was the birth of Horizon of Memphis Inc. Now, we boast over 100 employees, two full floor crews and a team of managers and supervisors servicing close to 200 customers in the greater Mid-South area.


We always take care of our customers’ needs and head for the future. We’re large enough not only to handle those needs but to do so with calm and comfort. We’re local and never forget whose priorities we serve.


We are on the cutting edge of any cleaning technology. We are a forefront leader in environmentally friendly cleaning products. We are constantly updating our equipment and have the latest carpet cleaning and floor cleaning technologies. Every success or, unfortunately, at times mistakes, teaches our staff how better to serve our current and future customers.


The old cliché “the customer comes first” is not a cliché to us; it’s the only reason we are in business and have stayed in business while every single janitorial company in the greater Mid-South has gone out of business since we started. That makes us the oldest, and, due to our customer service, it also makes us the proudest.