Quality Janitorial Service

At in Brunswick, TN, we’re proud to offer quality janitorial services to companies and warehouses in the greater Memphis area, all of Mississippi and Shelby County.

With a signed contract, we offer full service and commercial cleaning, which includes power scrubbing, recycling and continual cleaning.

We are committed to getting the job done right.

Daily Services


  • Breakroom floors wet mopped daily.
  • Floors swept and/or dust mopped with dust control treated mops or other tools, and left clean and free of dust.
  • Nightly wet mop of all areas of the building.
  • Vacuum all carpets or concrete throughout the building. Spot clean where possible.


    • Clean and sanitize drinking fountain.
    • Fittings and supply pipes kept clean.
    • Fixtures cleaned and sanitized.
    • Floors detergent mopped and rinsed.
    • Hand soap receptacles refilled.
    • Mirrors cleaned.
    • Sanitary napkins receptacles; cleaned and sanitized.
    • Stall partitions and tile walls kept clean.
    • Towel and toilet paper receptacles refilled.
    • Walls will be scrubbed down in restrooms weekly.
    • Waste receptacles emptied and resulting debris placed in outside containers.

    Breakrooms/Kitchenettes (Daily Unless Noted)

    • Floors swept and mopped
    • Microwaves cleaned inside and out
    • Trash emptied
    • Wipe down refrigerator, stove and ice machine.
    • Clean all tables, chairs and condiment centers.
    • Clean inside refrigerator daily.
    • Load dishwasher as needed.
    • Horizon of Memphis Inc. supplies all hardware and chemicals. Customer supplies all paper products, handsoap and can liners.


    • Dust all baseboards weekly.
    • Dust all blinds throughout the building weekly.
    • Dust all desk, file cabinets, tables, chairs, picture frames etc., daily.
    • Dust all high areas weekly.
    • Dust all partition tops daily.
    • Dust all vents, ledges throughout daily.
    • Dust all window sills, ledges, partitions etc. daily.



    • All glass cleaned inside and out, on call at additional charge.
    • Entrance door glass cleaned daily.


    • Partition glass inside offices; smudges removed, daily.
    • Picture frame glass cleaned once per week.
    • All trash collected and placed in outside dumpster.
    • Empty and keep clean outside cigarette cans twice weekly.
    • Keep all areas free of webs, etc.
    • Keep supply closet orderly and clean.
    • Patrol and clean entrance area of debris daily.
  • Telephones cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Turn off lights, fans, etc. when nightly cleaning is completed.
  • Use minimum lights while work is in progress.
  • Floor Service

    • All carpet will be shampoo scrubbed and extracted quarterly.
    • All tile floors will be stripped and waxed quarterly.